Vancouver Snowfall Could Mean Early Whistler Season

The recent storms, heavy winds and rain caused by La Niña on the west coast has wreaked havoc on front yards and knocked over a couple trees. However, on the mountians like Grouse, Seymour, Cypress and Whistler Blackcomb, the rough weather has dumped a significant amount of snow on the hills. Whistler received 75 centimetres of snow, to be exact. This could be reason for skiiers and snowboarders to rejoice, as the slopes may open ahead of the scheduled opening date of Nov 24 this year, due to the plentiful early snow fall.

The resort at Whistler Blackcomb isn’t making any promises and have not made any official announcements of moving the season’s opening date, but are considering the possibility.

If the resort is to open early, representatives at Whistler say that there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done to make sure the mountain is safe.

Last year in 2015, the resort had an excellent season which received a snowfall of over 1250 cm. The months with the heaviest snowfall last year were December and March which received 338cm and 318cm of snow respectively.

According to the Canada West Ski Areas Association (CWSAA), ski resorts in British Columbia received 5.6 million visitors last season, which is a significant increase from 4.2 million visitors in the 2014 winter season. 2014 saw less visitors mainly due to a decrease in snowfall.

Therefore, with the current outlook on snowfall this year, the season looks promising.

You can keep up to date with weather conditions and forecasts on Whistler Blackcomb’s weather page:

Senior meteorologist Brett Anderson said that the weather closer to the cities will likely be a mix of rain and snow. As the temperature still has some time to get colder as we approach December and January, it’s likely that only the higher elevations in the mountains will receive show until then.

kj-limo-whistler-villageFor visitors flying in from all over the world to take advantage of all the world class ski and snowboard hills at Whistler, KJ Limousine Services offers Vancouver’s best limo service from YVR to Whistler. Passengers can be picked up from anywhere in the lower mainland and transported directly to their exact destination in Whistler (along with their sports gear) in a range of vehicles. Choose from luxury vehicles including the Lincoln stretch limo, SUV, towncar, passenger van, shuttle bus, minibus and executive van. Rates vary for each vehicle and it is recommended to travel as a group for the best value, as rates are per hour per vehicle, not per person.

Savings are available for round trip bookings. A complimentary 20 min rest stop is included with each trip to Whistler. Recommended rest stop locations are at Shannon Falls, Squamish, or lookout points in between.

This winter ski season is looking up and we may see an increase in visitors this year. Be sure to book your limo early to avoid disappointment or unavailability.



Vancouver BC Limo Service Launches New Company Website

KJ Limousine Services Inc. launches a new website for its ongoing and growing limo services in Greater Vancouver BC. The new website features a clean, modern design, improved performance, redesigned layout for optimal conversion rates and an easy “tap to call” button on mobile devices.


KJ Limousine Services Inc. has launched a brand new website at to represent its growing chauffeured limousine services, serving a wide variety of occasions in the Greater Vancouver area and as far as Seattle, Washington. Having just acquired a new vehicle to its growing fleet of luxury limousines, KJ Limousine Services Inc.’s new website launch comes at a timely manner to better serve its increasing customer base.

Vancouver, British Columbia has become an increasingly popular world destination for tourists, travellers and a place to conduct business. Tourism alone, in British Columbia, generated $13.9 billion in revenue in 2013 with Vancouver being one of the top tourist destinations and a major contributor to that figure. Visitors to Vancouver fly in from all over the world, requiring ground transportation from Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Bellingham International Airport (BLI) and even Seattle International Airport (SEA).

Despite being in service since 2004, it wasn’t until the beginning of 2010 that KJ Limousine Services Inc.’s first website was built. The first website was operational for over 3 years until it was replaced by the second website in the middle of 2013. Finally, the new website which has just been launched replaced the second website which has been active for just under 3 years. Coincidentally, KJ Limousine revised its logo just a month earlier in mid February.

Along with a fresh, clean, modern design, KJ Limousine’s new website releases with many new improvements and features over the previous versions. The new website now utilizes a Content Distribution Network (CDN) which serves the website’s content to users with high availability and high performance, while also improving security for the website. The increased page loading speed will provide a better user experience and contribute to improved search engine visibility, due to website performance being a key ranking factor by search engines.

The homepage of the website features one-page navigation which allows users to access a wide selection of content easily and quickly without leaving the homepage. Links on the home page go to separate pages with more in depth information about its specific services and vehicles.

The entire website structure has been redesigned to reduce the number of pages with sparse content with the goal of having higher quality content on fewer pages. Again, this strategy aims to increase conversions, improve user experience and aid in search engine visibility.

Efforts were made to make it easier for website visitors to take action, increasing conversions rates on the website. When viewed on devices with larger displays, a limo rental quote form is always present on all pages, fixed to the right-hand sidebar so that visitors can easily fill out the form and submit a quote request. A click-able phone number is always visible regardless of screen size. On larger screens, the phone number is fixed above the quote form in the sidebar. On mobile devices, an attractive “tap to call” button is fixed to the bottom left of the screen. Tapping on that button automatically brings up the phone app with KJ Limousine’s phone number already entered in, ready to dial. Scattered throughout the content, eye-catching “calls to action” are placed at appropriate locations making it very easy for visitors to take action.

To see examples of some of the improvements, please visit:

With the many improvements this new website launch offers, KJ Limousine in anticipating an improved user experience, increasing conversion rates, better search engine visibility and a more appropriate representation of its brand and services.

For more information about us, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Hing Jong
Organization: KJ Limousine Services
Address: 7871 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC V6X8H3
Phone: (604) 377-1618



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Vancouver Airport Limo Booking Tips

You’re on yet another business trip and you’ve just sat through a long flight traveling across the country with a couple hours to go before you land at Vancouver International Airport.  Even with the nice seat that you got on the plane, you’re still feeling weary from all the traveling.  You’ve got a big business conference to go to downtown and you’ve got to make a good impression.  You need to be at the top of your game, alert, and ready to perform.  But you’re dreading all that you’ll have to go through between now and then:

Huddling around pushy strangers… everyone waiting to pounce on their luggage at the baggage claim, like a bunch of vultures waiting for the first sign of fresh meat.

vancouver airport yvr baggage claim stress

Lugging your bulky bags across the airport, up and down escalators and elevators, making your way to the end of the maze until you see the light and make it out to the exit.

Stressing about the time as the clock races towards the time you need to arrive at the conference and all that’s at stake.  Once you get out, you don’t look forward to sitting in a cramped cab with the smell of smoke and sweat absorbing into your business attire.

You snap out of it and realize that you’re still on the plane with still a couple hours before landing.  You think quick and realize that there’s got to be a better way.

That’s it.  The perfect idea comes to mind.  It solves everything.  All that you’ve been dreading seems silly now—so 15 minutes ago.  But you’re not in the clear yet.  To make it official, you’ve got to act fast.

You quickly pull out your smart phone and do a quick search.  You pull up a list and one of them catches your eye.  You click on through, find the number and you pick up the phone.

After a 5 minute conversation, all that you’ve been dreading has been put to rest.

No more bumping shoulders with grumpy strangers at the baggage claim.  No more struggling with luggage carts racing through the airport.  No more showing up to the conference tired, grumpy and reeking of sweat and second hand smoke.


You booked a limo from YVR to downtown.

With your worries at bay, you recline your seat, nibble on a few snacks and try to get a bit of sleep before the plane lands.

The story that unfolds is much different from the story you originally envisioned before booking that limo.

As you walk out of the arrival gate, you spot a well dressed chauffeur holding your name. He greets you with a smile and welcomes you to Vancouver.  You walk together as he handles your carry on luggage for you.  Upon arriving at the luggage claim, you find a nice quiet bench to sit on while your driver gets a luggage cart and waits to pull out your luggage for you when it comes down the chute.  You sip on some refreshing water as you check on some business emails and skim through some of your social media accounts.

A couple minutes later your limo driver pulls up beside you with all of your luggage neatly stacked on the cart and the both of you head towards the exit.

Just steps away from the exit you arrive at the limousine.

The limo looks fantastic.  He kindly opens the door for you and seats you in the air conditioned, spacious cabin.  You stretch your legs out and pick up another complimentary bottle of cool water as your driver loads your luggage into the trunk.

In what feels like record time, you’ve made your way from the terminal to leaving the airport feeling calm, collected and relaxed with no stress and plenty of time to spare.

It all worked out this time, but the experience could have been even better.

Here are some tips to booking a limo service to and from YVR:

1. Book the limo BEFORE you travel

There’s no need to have any dreadful feelings of baggage claim blues at any time while you’re traveling.  Simply book the limo a couple days in advance so that you know you’ll have someone waiting for you when you step off the plane, handle your luggage and drive you to your destination comfortably.

2. Book with a local limo company

It’s common for limo companies to advertise a wide service area, spanning multiple cities even with a small fleet of vehicles.  You want to book with a limo company that specializes in the city that you’ll be traveling within.  This will ensure you get a driver that knows routes of the city well, helps to make sure you’re getting a good rate, and minimizes any risks for your driver being late.

3. Book with a reputable limo company

Obviously, you want to use a limousine service that is professional and is recommended by other customers.  Look for company reviews with good customer feed back.  Things can look great on a company’s website, but it’s sometimes a very different story when past customers speak out.

4. Prepare your own music

Many limo services allow you to dock your smart phone or mp3 player and play whatever audio you want to listen to in the vehicle.  With some calm music, this can be helpful to relax you even more during the drive.  Or, with some lively music, you can get yourself feeling energized.  Or perhaps even an audio book.

5. Special requests

While it’s illegal to consume alcohol inside of a limousine, some limo services will allow you to bring other refreshments into the vehicle.  Some may even go out and get it ready for you.  A lot of limo companies really care about serving their customers well and going that extra mile.  Long term customers are great to have and company owners know that.



Vancouver Airport Shopping & Duty Free


When traveling, opportunities frequently pop-up that prompt us to shop.  One of best opportunities for shopping when traveling are the duty free stores that line the sides of the pathway on your way to your departure gate.  It’s really the perfect time to shop—you’ve got time to kill, you’ve got no where else to go, there are many shops to choose from, and it’s all duty free.

Duty Free At YVR

Over the years, Vancouver International Airport has undergone many renovations and improvements to its facilities, including the variety and quality of stores it has to offer.

If you make your way through security, experience short lines at the check-in and arrive at your gate early, you’ll have some time to browse all the shops.  There’s a large selection of luxury brands from fragrance and fashion to cosmetics, liquor and souvenirs.  Of these stores, the products that are most popular with travelers are the beauty, liquor and luxury products.  There’s something for everyone at Vancouver International’s duty free shops.  There’s over 1500 square feet of stores to shop at, making it the largest walkthrough store in North America.  For those that like to kick back in luxury, as many of our clients do, there are two exquisite wine bars serving fine British Columbia wines, which also make great souvenirs to take home.  Popular take-home souvenirs from Canada have proven to include: ice wine, maple syrup, smoked salmon and maple cookies.

For travelers flying south of the border, Vancouver Airport has been working with the United States customs to allow passengers to clear customs before embarking on their flight, which allows travelers to purchase a wider range of products priced up to 400 dollars, whereas before policy restrictions limited the sale of items below $25.  This is fantastic for the airport and its travelers, as the airport will be able to bring in many more products and services, allowing a richer duty free shopping experience for travelers.

As a bonus, the stores are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

The duty free shops at YVR and done in partnership with World Duty Free, the Italy-based multinational travel retailer.  They operate in 21 countries with over 500 stores.

Whenever you’re in need of a lift from the Vancouver airport, feel free to call KJ Limo’s YVR airport limo service.  If you’re wanting to take advantage of the duty free shopping at YVR Vancouver International Airport, you’ll want to make sure you mention to your limousine driver that you’d like to arrive at the airport early.

Free Outlet Shopping?

Some people aren’t aware that airfare can be hundreds of dollars cheaper (per person) by flying out of Bellingham or Seattle instead of Vancouver, not to mention potentially more non-stop flight choices to choose from.  When travelling in a group and saving hundreds of dollars per person, customers of ours will often hire us to chauffeur their group from Vancouver to Seattle while stopping at the factory outlet stores in between so they can do some shopping.  With a group of 8 people saving $300 each, their savings in airfare can easily exceed $2000, which allows them to pay for the limo service down to Seattle plus spending money of a couple hundred dollars per person at the outlets stores.  So, the next time you’re in Vancouver and you’re flying out with a group, check to see if there are cheaper and better flights flying out of Bellingham or Seattle and you might be able to arrange a free outlet shopping trip.



YVR Vancouver Airport Limo Service

KJ Limousine Services has been helping its clients get from one place to another in luxurious comfort and outstanding service in the Greater Vancouver area since 2004. This includes cruise ship transfers, weddings, special events, concerts and limo services to and from Vancouver International Airport, where we offer an excellent meet and greet service.

We are proud to present a new promotional video showcasing our Vancouver Airport limo service:

[direct link to video:]

As outlined in the video, we not only service the Vancouver area for those arriving at YVR needing transportation to a hotel/venue or those needing to be dropped off at YVR. We also will escort clients to other airports such as:

  • Abbotsford International Airport (YXX),
  • Bellingham International Airport (BLI), and even as far as
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

For our airport limo pick up and drop off service, we have a fantastic selection of vehicles available to our clients, depending on party size, budget, luggage requirements or simply personal preference.

Vehicles available include:

  • Ford E350 Passenger Van- 10 passengers with luggage
  • Ford E450 Minibus – up to 23 passengers
  • Ford Expedition Max SUV – up to 7 passengers
  • Ford Expedition SUV Stretch – up to 12 passengers
  • Lincoln 120 Stretch Limo – up to 8 passengers
  • Lincoln Town Car – up to 4 passengers

If you are ever in need of a limo or luxury vehicle service to/from Vancouver International Airport, Abbotsford, Bellingham or Seattle Airport, be sure to call KJ Limousine Services. We’ve been serving clients for over a decade, we’re highly rated, and we do not disappoint.



Top Summer Attractions in Vancouver 2015

Like every year in Vancouver, the winter and early spring months have been typically gray, rainy and dreary. The less than ideal weather has kept people indoors, and tourists away.

After much waiting, the weather has cleared up and the activities that we’ve been waiting to do for almost a year are finally upon us. Vancouver only has about 5 to 6 months of solid summer weather. It’s time for Vancouverites and visitors to Vancouver to make the most of this beautiful weather that we have. During this time, an abundance of fun activities await you. Businesses open up, food trucks flood the city, the parks welcome you with open fields of dry grass and more.

Here are some of the top things to do in Vancouver this coming Summer:

Stanley Park

Vancouver’s Stanley Park is a beatiful place to walk, cycle, rollerblade, and enjoy spectacular views of the harbor. Bordering Stanley Park is the famous Seawall. With the park on one side and the water on the other, the Seawall is a paved scenic path for walking, cycling and rollerblading. There are plenty of bike rental shops located nearby. It’s 9km long around Stanley Park itself. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can bike the full length from Canada Place to Kitsilano Beach. See the map below which shows the route:


Source of Map

Granville Island

If you’ve never been to Vancouver before, you’ve got to go to Granville Island. Granville Island is a peninsula located just southwest of Downtown Vancouver under the Granville St. bridge. At Granville Island, you’ll find plenty of things to do and see from unique shops run by local artisans, the public market with a wide variety of tasty foods to try, and shows to watch at the theaters.


The PNE (or Pacific National Exhibition) is like a Fair and Theme Park rolled into one. There’s lots to do and see here for people of all ages. Ride on the many rides at Playland, check out all the exhibits, play the games at the carnival area or watch some of the special shows.

Hike up Grouse or the Chief

The Grouse Grind is something everyone needs to try whether you live in Vancouver or you’re just visiting. The Grouse Grind is a hike up Grouse mountain. Some people have described it as a stairmaster in the woods going up 900 m in elevation. If you prefer something a little more tame, there’s always the Chief in Squamish. Both have excellent views at the top. The

Bard on the Beach

If you love Shakespeare, live professional acting and nice weather, you’ll love Bard on the Beach, one of North America’s largest professional Shakespeare Festivals. The annual festival takes place on the waterfront of Vancouver’s Vanier Park. The festival takes place from June through September.


If it’s your first time in Vancouver, a sightseeing tour from the road is a great way to get a big picture of the many different areas of Vancouver. Get a taste of what Vancouver has to offer before you decide what you want to spend more time exploring in detail. We offer guided sightseeing tours of Vancouver and can even customize the route and locations to your interests.

Getting in and around Vancouver

Of course, if you could use some stylish transportation to any of these places this summer, we at KJ Limousine would be happy to help you.  Feel free to get in touch with us and let us help make your summer in Vancouver a blast!




Whistler Limo Service for 2015

This post is getting out a little late, but it’s 2015 and well into the ski/snowboard season at Whistler.
We’ve already done a lot of trips to Whistler this season. Below are some pictures from some recent jobs.

The pictures don’t really do the view justice, but it’s beautiful out there on the Sea to Sky highway.
If you’re not familiar with the Sea to Sky Highway, it’s an incredible scenic drive with the mountain face on one side and the water and islands on the other side. The road is very windy and used to be more dangerous with narrower lanes. When the Winter Olympics came in 2010, much of the highway between Vancouver and Whistler was greatly improved, adding lanes and safety features. Of course, it can still be quite slippery when there’s snow and ice, so it’s always wise to drive with caution.

When heading up to Whistler, all vehicles under KJ Limousine Services are well maintained and outfitted with the proper tires to ensure our customers have a safe journey.

The trip normally takes a little over 2 hours. With our complimentary 20 minute stops in the middle of the trip, it comes out to about 2 and a half hours.
We normally stop at the Tantalus Lookout point, pictured above, Shannon Falls or Squamish, depending on what the customer would like to do. Shannon falls is a good place to take group photos at the waterfall and stretch their legs. Squamish is great if they want to get something quick to eat. There isn’t any food at Tantalus, but the view of the water and islands is very nice.

This year, we’re offering out Whistler Special again. This time, we’re offering up to $100 in savings off of the regular price when the round trip is booked, depending on the vehicle.
It’s already the new year, but it’s a great time to head up to Whistler if you’re going there to do some skiing or snowboarding. Of course, we also take people who are heading up there for many of the other great amenities available.

If you haven’t seen it on the homepage already, we’re featuring our first marketing video ever created:

The winter season in Whistler started at the end of November 2014 and it’s currently the beginning of February 2015, so we’re about 3 months in. The season typically ends in April or May.
We’re about half way through the season now, but there’s still about 3 months and plenty of snow to enjoy on the peaks. If you’re used to taking the bus or taxi to Whistler, try us out and see what we’re all about.

If you’re going up with a group of people, the price may be very comparable to taking a bus or taxi (or possibly even cheaper), since we charge per vehicle, not per person.
With a limousine company the service and convenience is also that much better. We’ll load your ski and snowboard gear for you, we’ll pick you up at your doorstep and take you to within steps of your destination in Whistler, and on your schedule. With a bus, you’ve got to find your own transportation to the station at the time designated by the bus company.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions: (604) 377-1618.